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Homework Help: Heat equation Urgent

  1. Nov 19, 2007 #1
    Heat equation!!! Urgent

    Is anyone who are able to solve heat equation:
    [tex] {\frac{{\delta u}}{\delta t} = c^2\frac{{\delta^2 u}}{{\delta x^2}} [/tex]


    I have looked for so many text books but most of them using the same method to solve which is "Assume u(x,t) = F(x)G(t) and sub this into the eqt. to solve.

    Actually i am doing a Maths project right now and i have to solve this heat equation but without assuming u(x,t) = F(x)G(t), i have no idea to do it.... i knew that it can be solved by simple differential equation technique, so i am here asking your help. Please help me. It is quite urgent!!! There is a attached file which is done by me and i want the similar solution without assuming u(x,t) =F(x)G(t).

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