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Heat equation

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    I have nothing to do this summer so I figured I would like to model the heat transfer for different shapes and fluids and compare with experimental values.. :)

    Anyway I searched on google and found nothing. What are the main problems? For example is it acceptable to assume that the shielding of the liquid has no depth (glasses, beer cans, milk packages etc).

    Are there any good books on this subject?

    I have access to matlab and all its toolboxes.
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    Hi. Try doing a google with "modelling heat transfer". There are a lot of hits, mostly for products that do this, but also some theory later on.
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    thank you, more complicated than expected though :).
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    If you're looking for a reference book, I can recommend "Heat Transfer" by Necati M Ozisik. It's the book I used for my course, and it's very useful. Lot's of references to various papers, correlations, etc.
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