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Heat Equation

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    Problem:IF there is heat radiation within the rod of lenght L , then the 1 dimensional heat equation might take the form
    u_t = ku_xx + F(x,t)

    Find u(x) if F = x , k = 1 , , u(0)=0 , u(L) = 0

    the problem is that i am not sure what this is asking me , how can i find u(x) if i have only u(0)= 0 , k =1 , u(L) = 0 ,and F = x

    this problem becomes just an ordinary differential equation but still i dont fully understand or how to proceed from there

    any hints would be appreciated
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    have you tried green's function method?
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    I assume that a steady-state solution is required, therefore the time derivative vanishes in the pde and you get the following equation to solve:
    which has the solution:
    Using the boundary conditions, you get:
    [tex]u(x)=\frac{x}{6}\cdot \left[L^2-x^2\right][/tex]
    Hope this is what has been asked for.

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    THank you so much
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