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Heat Exchanger Calculations

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    I'm working with a heat exchanger I'm trying to integrate into a cooling application. I've done some tests but want to have some clear understating of how the calculations are done or if I have missed something. Below is what I have so far.
    So it's a radiation with 2 pwm fans, they push air through the radiator. It has a 1.7gpm water flow through the loop.

    Air temp into fans: 30.1C
    Air temp out fans (rear radiator): 59.2C
    Input water temp to radiator: 64.8C
    Output water temp from radiator:56.5C

    So what I get from this is that the radiator is removing 8.3C from the water temp. How would this translate to actual power or BTUs dissipated by the radiator?
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    Power? You want BTU/hr if you're interested in English units. What's the definition of BTU?
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