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Heat Exchanger Design

  1. Feb 15, 2012 #1
    Good Evening,

    I am currently desiging a heat exchanger to heat Air from 10 oC to 110oC and cool flue gas from 1259.4 oC to 725 oC.

    As both fluids are gases, i would like to know if it is advicable to use a shell and tube heat exchanger?

    Could you suggest a heat exchanger type please ?

    Thank You Very Much
    Kind Regards

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    There are many other influencing factors in a heat exchanger design including the temperature. Namely Heat transfer Area, Working Pressure, pressure Drop, Fouling Factors and Mass Flow rate etc. You need to consider these also. Because they'll might become a constraint in the manufacturing phase. But as per your provided information Plate type or Transverse High-Finned Exchangers are suitable.
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