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Heat generation

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    I am testing or trying to figure out how much heat would be generated for a piston that moves up and down and has two semi-circle wedges that press against to slow down its motion.
    I want know what factors and equations I can use to calculate the heat generation?
    All other related topics seem to be about rotating disc.

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    You haven't really given enough information to give much of a reply, but the heat generated by friction is equal to the Force times the Distance moved.
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    The piston is only moving along one plane....ie vertically. The clamps are situated around the middle and squeeze against the piston as it moves up and down acting as a damper. Does that help?
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    Not really, but as said, if you have a force and a distance, you can calculate it.
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    Well, you'll need more than just a force and distance I think. I believe that you'll need the normal force acting on the piston from the "clamps". Even from there, you'll need a friction coefficient.

    Google frictional heat generation, it should help you.
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