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Heat Insulation Materials

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    I am looking for some thin and light heat insulation materials probably in a flat plate form.

    We intend to install this kind of heat insulation plate underground for separating different utilities.

    Any suggestion ?

    Thanks alot.
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    What about a poly? Like sheets of HDPE? What kind of heat are we talking I guess I should ask first? You could use sheets of Phenolic too! It works great for insulating heat! We use it for spacing intake manifolds from cylinder heads and it reduces transferring to the intake manifold.
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    Foams insulate better than plain solids do, provided they fit your use.
    You may also look at fabrics of ceramic, like glass fibres.

    As plain solids, you have cork, wood, and plastics, yes. Plastics conduct nearly all the same, so check the long-term resistance to heat and stress.
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