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Homework Help: Heat loss in body

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    Suppose a man is losing heat at a rate of 300 W. His body temperature is 1.5 deg C below normal, and he begins to shiver. If his mass is 65 kg, how many hours will it take for his temperature to rise to normal?

    Correct answer: 0.75 hrs
    General feedback: First determine how much energy is required to increase the man's temperature to normal (remember you need the T change for this).
    Second, determine the rate at which heat is entering the body, this will depend on the difference between the heat lost and the heat produced by shivering.
    Now you can determine the time it takes for the body to gain enough heat to raise the temperature to normal.


    6.1kcal/min (60 min)= 366kcal/hr=(.83kcal/kg deg C)(65kg)=53.95 Kcal deg C

    I don't know what to do after this. Help?
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    You need to transform those kcal/hr in W.Can u do that...?

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