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Heat Loss

  1. Dec 29, 2008 #1
    The problem is designing a solar water heater system to keep a 4500 gal tank of water at 140F during the day.

    The tank in question has the following properties:

    5000gal Volume
    4500gal water
    It loses about 1.8 degrees F/hr if not heated.

    I first need to figure out amount of energy needed to maintain temps.

    I did this using the following math:

    4500gal of solution times 8.3 lbs/gal of water = 37350lbs of solution

    37350 * 1.8 = 67,230 BTU/h of energy needed.

    Seems pretty straight forward so far??? (Math Errors?)

    How do I go about finding out how much collector area and efficiency of solar collectors and heat transfer?
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    I googled solar water heater calculator, and got lots of good hits. Here's one of the first ones:

    http://www.infinitepower.org/calc_waterheating.htm [Broken]

    You can use a similar google search to find other calculators if that one isn't exactly what you are looking for.

    Welcome to the PF, BTW!
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