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Heat - microscope

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    Hi! is there any microscope or images in which we can see how a matter reacts as it is heated?

    And how was it proved that when matter is heated their particules vibrate faster?. Tahnk you!
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    Well, it seems to me you could get a pretty good idea from observing Brownian motion.

    So you need a microscope and pollen grains.
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    I understand that Brownian motion is supposed to demonstrate that molecules are in random movement, but how would one judge their mean speed? By the average size of the movements, the frequency of movements of a certain size, or what? Would any difference be large enough to notice?
    But I suppose ultimately you must be right, as at 0 K presumably one could see it stop.

    Maybe the evidence he seeks is something like this Kinetic Theory of Gases (page 1/24 ) measuring the time of flight of gas molecules.
    But for me the "proof" is in all the detailed predictions which have been calculated using the kinetic theory.
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    I think the page I linked to goes into detail about random walks. They could be quantified to produce a formula.

    Well, technically, that can't happen but yes, there would be a correlation between motion and temp.
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