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Heat of combustion help

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    Determine the heat of combustion of methane (CH4(g)) by writing a balanced equasion and using the bond energies indicated below.

    C--H = 414 KJ/mol
    O==O = 502 KJ/mol
    C==O = 799 KJ/mol
    O--H = 464 KJ/mol

    I've googled it and apparently the answer is -890 KJ/mol but when I calculate it it gives me -794 KJ/mol. I must be doing something wrong :S
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    I'm getting -794 KJ/mol as well. You googled the experimental value of the Heat of Combustion of methane? Maybe the difference is because the bond energies used are not fully accurate.
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    [tex] CH_4 + 2O_2 -> CO_2 + 2H_2O[/tex]
    change in energy content = [tex]2*799 + 2*2*464 - (4*414 + 2*502) = -794KJ/mol[/tex]
    :rofl: same
    any1 to point out what's wrong?
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    well, your bond energies also do not agree.
    see red corrections below:
    check below for details:
    http://members.nuvox.net/~on.jwclymer/rq/hoctable.html [Broken]
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