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Homework Help: Heat please help!

  1. Jan 1, 2008 #1
    A piece of metal with a mass of 1.50 kilograms, specific heat of 200 J/kg · C°, and initial temperature of 100° C is dropped into an insulated jar that contains liquid with a mass of 3.00 kilograms, specific heat of l,000 J/kg · C°, and initial temperature of 0° C. The piece of metal is removed after 5 seconds, at which time its temperature is 20° C. Neglect any effects of heat transfer to the air or to the insulated jar.

    What is the temperature of the liquid after the metal is removed ?
    a.) 0° C
    b.) 4° C
    c.) 8° C
    d.) 10° C
    e.) 20° C

    What is the average rate at which heat is transferred while the piece of metal is in the liquid ?
    a.) 4,000 J/s
    b.) 4,800 J/s
    c.) 6,000 J/s
    d.) 9,600 J/s
    e.) 16,000 J/s

    i have no idea what i should do
    please help me
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    Read the forum rules please. We cannot help you unless you show some proof that you have put effort into this problem, i.e. work. You do not necessarily need to have equations and numbers, but you must show that you have put some time into the problem posted.

    Try to answer the following and then we'll be able to help you here:

    1) What concepts apply here?

    2)What actually happened to cause the metal to cool down and the water to heat up?

    3) Now that you have answered the above and have a list of concepts that apply, do you know of any formulas or equations that describe some of these concepts quantitatively. If so, list them.

    If you can give an attempt at answering some of these questions, then we'll be able to help you.
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