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Heat pumps -- water to water

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    Hello there,

    So with say a Ground Source Heat Pump you have a source of warm-ish water coming in at 10 - 15 degrees C or so, and using a Heat Pump you are able to get a central heating temperature of about 40 degrees for your central heating system.

    Could you in theory, use a inlet water temperature of say 30-35C and transfer the heat energy from this water into something useful like say a second loop of water around 50 - 60 degrees C.

    Basically I'm trying to cool water from 33C to 20C so it can be recycled in a cooling heat exchanger on a test rig.
    Recovering the heat is the most beneficial solution to this.

    Thank you for any help and advice
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    Performance is specific to the design of the heat pump, so you should look at specific products to see what performance is available.
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