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Heat Retardation in Pistons

  1. Apr 22, 2009 #1
    hi everyone,

    i and a few friends have been assigned a project to study and simulate the heat retardation in Internal Combustion Engine Pistons in Pro-E software...among the requirements are to study the following:
    role of rings
    role of T-slots, split skirts etc
    usage in a mercedes Benz engine

    Now, my problem:
    Mercedes is not a common car in my area, so its impossible to get the piston design. I only have that of a Unimog (which is an ancient model of Merc) but not of new ones. I have tried looking over the internet for repair manuals/technical manual but could not find anything. So, it would be fantastic if someone can tell if new Merc engines' pistons employ T-slots, split-skirts etc, and the number of rings etc.

    Also, i have come under the impression that the role of the slots and splits is to compensate for expansion due to heat, not the heat retardation itself. Am i right?

    Help in these, or the whole project in general, i would really appreciate
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