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Homework Help: Heat transfer and temperature

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    Two bodies of masses m1 and m2 and specific heat capacities s1and s2 are connected by a rod of lenght L crossectional area A,thermal conductivty K and negligible heat capacity.The whole system is thermally insulated.At time t=0 the temperature of the first body is T1and the temperature of second body is T2(T2>T1).Find the temp. difference betw. 2 bodies at time t.
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    What relevant equations did you learn? What attempt did you make at solving this question?
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    well actually i m not able to move an inch in it....

    can u plz give me some solid hint so that i can proceed..
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    plz help...giv some hint ...how shud i proceed
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    why no one is replying....atleast give some hint how to do it..so that i may proceed....
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    The rate of heat transfer, given by H=kA*delta-T/delta-x, is equal to mc*dT/dt for both objects connected by the rod, only one rod's temperature goes down while the other's goes up. Depending on whether your class is calculus-based, you can either calculate the power transferred in time t and set it equal to mc*delta-T for both objects, or you can use calculus to get a more accurate solution.
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    actually i did lik this(see the attachment)

    firstly is it correct

    secondly wen i tried integrating it its not giving the ans.

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    plz help
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    plz help...i m in dire need

    im getting ans as (T2-T1)e(1-f)t

    wer f=KA(m1s1+m2s2)/(L(m1s1m2s2))

    wer as ans is (T2-T1)e-ft

    wer f=KA(m1s1+m2s2)/(L(m1s1m2s2))
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