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Heat transfer between 2 window

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    I'm designing a vertical farm prototype and I'm trying to do some preliminary calculations to get an idea of how hot my crops are going to get. The basic design consists of a low-e glass (SHGC=.39) in the front and an aerogel panel in back(see attached diagram). I'm calculating for the hottest scenario, south facing glass at noon in July. The design is in Boulder Colorado (Lat~40N) and from what I can tell from tables, I can expect .1233 kWh/(m^2*h) to be gained through the low-e glass during the hottest part of the day. What I'm not sure how to calculate, is how much heat I can expect to loose through the aerogel panel in the back.

    Does any one know of a way to approximate this, or have a link to a site that can point me in the right direction? Can I just treat the aerogel panels like any other insulating material or do I need a SHGC for it? Don't need a high order of accuracy, just trying to approximate max and min temperatures for my cavity.


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