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Heat Transfer lab

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    Hey im stuck on yet another one. This one has me stumpted becasue it has to do with a caliometry can and im given mass of the can and water in it but i dont know if i should add them or have them in seperate m*c*T expressions. Anywho heres the problemo:

    A laboratory technician drops a 0.0850-kg sample of unknown material, at a temperature of 100 degrees C, into a calorimeter. The calorimeter can, initially at 19.0 degrees C, is made of 0.150 kg of copper and contains 0.200 kg of water. The final temperature of the calorimeter can is 26.1 degrees C. Compute the specific heat capacity of the sample.

    What i was thinking was along the lines of Qsample+Qcaliometer but im not taking into account the copper mass or the water mass....how can i?
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    They are separate because they have differing specific heats.
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    So then i should have three Q's?
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    Yes, that's right.
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    Ok got it...thank u tons
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