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Heat Transfer Problem

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    Hi I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to solve a heat transfer problem.

    There was a fire in a propylene plant and the metal piping was damage in the fire. I know that the total heat of the fire is about 2371 btu/ft^3. And the total amount of fuel in the plant is 700,000 lbs. The fire burned for 14 days. With that know I wanna calculate the damage done to the pipe at the start of the fire. Assuming its like a fin problem where the start of the fire is at a flame temperature(3600F) and the end is at (1500F) which is the temperature for carbon steel to anneal. The ambient temperature outside is (1370F). I was wondering if I can calculate how long is the pipe from 3600F to 1500F ? I have been taking the fin approach to calculate for the temperature distribution and fin heat transfer rate. But I have been getting answers too small to make sense.
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