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Heat Transfer problem

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    Hey guys. I've been cracking whole day over this question to no avail. I mean I have no idea if it's correct or wrong. And I desperately have to get it done by tomorrow and it's already midnight here so would really appreciate any sort of help I can get. Here are the doubts that I'd like to clear.

    1. Should it be counter flow or parallel flow? (I chose counter flow and I can't justify why)
    2. Should the water fluids flowing from the inner or outer and why? (I chose inner and I can't justify why as well)
    3. Is the term for inner tube called annulus?
    3. Is the final answer obtained 6 sections?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    This is a problem that requires more work than you did. Maybe you can learn a little by doing it all the different configurations, and seeing what you get. I think your choice of counter flow is going to be best, but it isn't clear whether it would be better to have the water on the inside or outside. Strictly from an insulation point of view, of course, it would be better to have the water on the outside.
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