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Heat Transfer reaction

  1. Jun 18, 2006 #1
    Heat Transfer!!

    Consider the following reaction:

    CH3OH(g) -> CO(g) + 2H2(g) Change in H= +90.7 kJ

    (a) Calculate the amount of heat transfered when 45.0 g of CH3OH(g) are decomposed by this reaction at constant pressure. (in kJ)

    (b) If the enthalpy change is 14.0 kJ, how many grams of hydrogen gas are produced? (in g)

    (c) How many kilojoules of heat are released when 12.0 g of CO(g) reacts completely with H2 (g) to form CH2OH(g) at constant pressure. (in kJ)

    PLEASE HELP!!!:confused:
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  3. Jun 18, 2006 #2
    Sorry cant help

    according to the rules in physics forum, we cant help those that didnt show their efforts. We are just guiding, not doing all the homework for you. you must at least show your way of calculations before we can help you.
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