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Heat Transfer

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    Does warm water rise or fall in cold weather?

    I think it falls

    Does it have to do with convection???????
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    The question makes no sense. "Weather" implies the atmosphere and water is a liquid, so water falls in the atmosphere regardless of if it is warm or cold. Can you provide some context to the question?
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    Above 4°C, water gets denser as it cools. This means that warmer water rises under these conditions. Below 4°C, water becomes actually becomes less dense as it cools. Under those conditions warm water will fall as you guessed.
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    Are you reading "weather" as 'water'?
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    The situation I assumed he was talking about was you have some water outdoors like a lake or something, and the water is at a temperature close to the air, but it isn't completely uniform. It's the only way it makes sense. I know they sometimes give ocean temperatures in weather reports, so maybe the question is actually legitimate.
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