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Homework Help: Heat Transfer

  1. Feb 14, 2010 #1
    I have a bit of a project to work on and wanted to find out if I am doing things correctly. A diesel engine is housed in a plant house and produces ~240kW of heat. Now I need to place a fan in here such that the temperature difference between the room and the outside is less than 5°C.

    Firstly, is this possible without using some sort of vapour compression cycles.

    This is what I did calculation wise.

    Q= m*Cp*(T2-T1)

    Cp= specific heat of the moist air (calculated using psychometric chart)
    T2-T1 = 5°C (difference between outside and inside temp)

    From this I calculated “m”, which is what I believe the flow rate of the fan should be. Would this be reasonable?

    I was speaking to someone and they told me install a fan that moves the volume of the room per second…eg. If room was 30m^3 volume fan capacity would be 30m^3/s. However, I think this is overkill.

    Am I on the right track with my calculations? I know that the value of ‘m’ I calculate wont give me exactly a 5°C increase, but would it be a decent rough estimate?
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