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Heat Transfer

  1. Jul 24, 2016 #1
    Hi guys,
    I need help with heat transfer calculations
    The scenario is : Installing a coil around a hot pipe and extract the heat from the hot pipe to heat the fluid flowing through the coil. The whole assembly is insulated.
    I need methods/formulas to calculate the amount of heat transferred so that I can estimate the length of the coil required to reach the temperature target?
    Any suggestions/advice will be highly appreciated.
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    You should begin by looking in a heat transfer textbook in the convection chapter, and then look at the heat exchanger chapter. You will need to estimate the heat transfer coefficients inside the pipe and inside your coiled tube. You will also need the conductivity for the pipe and tube materials, and the physical dimensions of the assembled device. The coiling of the tube around the pipe is a complication but once you understand how to solve the problem for straight pipes I think you can work out the effects of the coiling.
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    It's hard getting good contact between the hot pipe and coil. You might do better by making the hot pipe into a coil and putting that into a tank containing the liquid to be heated.
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    Or running a concentric pipe as a pseudo shell and tube hx.
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