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I Heat Transfer

  1. Mar 31, 2017 #1
    Hi there,

    I have a problem that I cannot find a solution too. In this problem I have a fuel (approximately natural gas) supply which is combusted when mixed with air inside a burner. The flame that is then generated is used to heat up a sealed cylindrical vessel (the flame is on the outside of the vessel, but the combustion heat is used to heat up the inside of the vessel).

    Now, I know the energy content of the fuel (MJ/kg) and the flowrate (kg/s). However, I am required to estimate the temperature inside the vessel during heating by the flame. The other information I know are the vessel wall thickness, wall material, and vessel volume.

    How would I go about calculating the temperature inside the vessel? Do I need to calculate the flame temperature and then treat it as a simple heat transfer problem? Or can I simply use the energy content of the fuel and mass flowrate to calculate the energy on one side of the wall?

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    The gas in the container doesn't know that it is being heated by a flame on the outside of the container, right? So, you need to know the flame temperature. This is just the starting point.
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