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Heat unstable

  1. Feb 2, 2015 #1

    are there any materials that when heated will become ionized or generally unstable or somehow change their structure or properties?

    any examples?

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    Every material will at a certain temperature, for example ice changes it structure and properties when it melts. Similarly, to make quicklime, you heat calcium carbonate to 825 degrees celsius and it decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.
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    Every gas has an energy associated with it know as ionization energy. If you heat the gas upto a certain temperature, and it gets enough energy as it's ionization energy, it will split into ions. A high density of ions gives the fourth state of matter called plasma.
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    interesting this with ionizing a gas
    but what degrees of temperature are we talking about?
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    so can I use this phenomenon to make electricity out of heat?
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    Your question is very vague, and I'd say based on the wording that most if not all methods for generating electricity utilize heat to change material properties.
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