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Heater specs required

  1. Jan 12, 2010 #1
    Need to heat a cylinder (hollow one) till 200 C....dimensions of cylinder are

    OD = 5.9" ; ID = 2.54"; Height = 6.4"

    "Rope heater" specs available are 120 V, 125/250/400 Watts and 3ft/6ft/9ft length; Linear Wattage = 4 Watts/in and dia. of heater = 5 mm (3/16").

    brain is fused ;)....just cannot seem to get around and calculate:

    1. Length & wattage required
    2. what combination to use? I mean 250 W and 6 ft or take max @ 400 W & 9 ft...cannot seem to justify it manually?

    Please guide me here
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