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Heating coils/Heater batteries sizing.

  1. Feb 28, 2010 #1
    Can anyone please size a heater battery for me? On a supply and extract heat recovery air handling unit. (50% efficient for heat recovery)

    Outside temperature -2 degrees C
    Room temp/Return air - 21 degrees C
    Air voume - 1.3 m3/sec
    Boiler flow and return - 80-60 degrees C.

    I have been told i need to use Q=M.Cp.DT. Is this right and how would i do this? I have no idea.

    I know i need to use the Cp of air, 1.02 and the DT of the on/off coil temperatures. I need some guidance on this please.

    Fill explination would be appreciated. Thanks.
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