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Heating Element

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    I need a heating element, 5 cm x 5 cm, to heat up a chip.

    Temperature range 293 - 373 Kelvin

    Anyone know what to go for?
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    Maybe Peltier devices.

    You would have to mount it on a heatsink for the cold side and then the other side would get hot.
    They get too hot to touch in a few seconds and the higher powered ones might get to 100 deg C.
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    You can buy small crystal ovens - for maintaining crystals at a desired temperature. They may be adjustable, too. Off the shelf would be handy!
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    I have observed that reversing the polarity of any IC circuit gets it too much hot. You might use any cheap/faulty IC circuit with the metallic plate of requiered dimension attached like heat sink.

    You can also use high wattage resistors. Resistence needs to be calculated for the given voltage.

    Could you tell, what particular chip you want to heat. In electronics we usually need to reduce the temperature.
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