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Heating F1 Tyres

  1. Jan 15, 2013 #1
    Whenever I watch F1 motor racing there's always a lot of talk about how important it is to keep the tyres warm, why don't F1 tyres have heating elements built in so that the tyres can be kept at an optimal temperature all the time?
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    Partially technical regulations (http://www.formula1.com/inside_f1/rules_and_regulations/technical_regulations/8712/fia.html [Broken], 12.7.3).

    Also, where would you put them? Cost would be a factor too, I think.
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    Weight and weight distribution would also be a factor.
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    I also think that an effort to keep the tyres warm is required only at the start of the race when the tyres may be, to an extent, cold. Once the race beings, the drivers start burning (sometimes literally!) the tyres with their speed. On the rare occasions when they do tone down their speed (like when the yellow flag is out), you'll notice them moving zig zag across the track. This is to keep the tyres warm even at low speeds. I think you'll agree it's a lot less complicated than having a heating element for reasons sjb and aroc pointed out.
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    "I also think that an effort to keep the tyres warm is required only at the start of the race when the tyres may be, to an extent, cold."

    Seeing as how important the start is I'd have thought anything that gave any advantage would be jumped on.

    "Cost would be a factor too, I think."
    Is that a phrase that F1 teams understand?

    The technical regs nail it as illegal, did they write that in to stop the very idea of built in tyre heaters?
  7. Jan 17, 2013 #6


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    Yes, the start is important, but I believe they would have a built-in heater only if it's going to be of use throughout the race. If it's simply for the start, they might as well adopt an external method. I'm sure that using heating ovens for this is illegal, but I'm not sure about what other methods can be employed.

    As far as the money they're willing to spend is concerned, I'm really not sure. I've read reports about how teams leave behind parts like aerodynamic wings because of the duty they'd have to pay in certain countries. The costs probably aren't comparable, but I'm just saying that they do worry about costs to a certain extent.
  8. Jan 18, 2013 #7
    They use tyre warmers. Basically an electric blanket.
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    Ah, bending the rules are they? :cool:
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