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Homework Help: Heating of the steel sheet

  1. Jun 13, 2016 #1
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    Hi I need help with this question, because I find it a bit confusing, thanks!

    Suppose we have a steel sheet with a circular opening, and a sphere with a diameter equal to that of the circular opening diameter. If we heat the steel sheet with a match or any heater, then which of the following statements is correct?
    A. The circular opening enlarges and the sphere can pass through easier.
    B. The circular opening shrinks(gets smaller) and the sphere can not pass through it.
    C. Dimensions of the circular opening do not change.
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    What do you think?
    Forget about the hole for now, imagine a plain sheet, draw two dots anywhere on the sheet, is there anywhere you can draw the dots so they get closer when the sheet is heated? Do you think a hole in the sheet would change this?
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    Thanks for the insight! I get your idea, it is really simple and nice though, and it reminds me of the example that describes the expansion of the universe using a balloon. I was confused because I thought this : If this sheet has a specific shape( it can be defined as a figure with a perimeter) and if you think of the perimeter of this sheet, and the perimeter of the circle inside this shape the particles forming the perimeters, because of the heat, will occupy more of the free space and thus the area of the free circular space will decrease, but it turns out my reasoning was wrong, so thanks again for your help BIlly!
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