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Heatsink Recommendations for xp-3000

  1. Sep 6, 2004 #1
    Having problems with stability on new xp-3000. I just realized my cpu is cruising at a 'cool' 75 C. Fan I'm using is a YSTech something or other 47 CFM. I figure the fan is fine thinking 47 CFM is quite high. Any ideas for heatsink? Right now I'm using a boxed aluminum heatsink from a 1.3 amd. Thanks.
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    Extreme CPU (air) cooling

    Before you change it, have you tried http://www.thetechlounge.com/review.php?REVIEWDIR=heatsink_lapping_kit [Broken] fan/heatsink combo gets a lot of rave customer reviews.
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    Swiftech MCX462-V with a high cfm 92mm fan.

    The whole volcano line isn't that good. Don't even consider it.
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    Do you have any case fans? If you are relying solely on your CPU and power supply fans, you may be recirculating hot air. Try adding a case fan. Make sure the computer has room in the front and back to allow for air movement (don't hide it in an unventilated cabinet).

    Did you use a tape on the CPU to heatsink connection? Arctic Silver is good, but any thermal paste will work better than a tape.
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    Agreed, you need case fans and Arctic Silver is just a must.
  7. Sep 10, 2004 #6
    Thanks for the replies, ended up going with swiftech and artic silver. Averaging 60C. As to case fans, I have so many I had to get a 450W Enermax. I have an 80mm in back just under PSU pulling hot air out, two side mounted 80mm's blowing over graphics card and motherboard, and a 120 mm blower upfront at the base. The PSU also contributes to pulling out hot air. I may need another fan perhaps cut into the top of case to pull more hot air out. But it would seem adequate as it is. Once again, thanks for your replies.
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    As long as the space around the case is pretty well ventilated or open, I think you should be moving enough air in and out of the case.
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