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Heaven in India

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    They say if there is heaven, then its here, and time to reach it is

    Have a look at what we have to boast about! Collections from one of of the
    most exuberant campuses in India.
    IIT kanpur
    Ashutosh Madhesea (Maddy)
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    By the way these pics were originally taken by Manjeet...some of his other works are here,,,,,

    http://picasaweb.google.com/manjeetdahiya?pli=1 [Broken]
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    Some very cool thoughts! :cool: :smile: :approve:

    I would however say, G V Dasarathi is seeing India somewhat idealistically. There was some conflicts between Sikhs and Indian government (In June 3-6, 1984 Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi ordered Operation Blue Star, a military assault on Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab, which had been occupied by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale), and between Muslims and Hindus, particularly in Gujarat during February and September 2002.
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    It does appear that parking on campus is not a problem.:smile: And look at all of the bicycles with no locks on them. Ah that would be a little bit o' heaven.
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    I don't think sais that India is Ideal and here conflicts don't occur...but he claims India to be most tolerant country and this is indeed true...
    He clearly says
    "Yes, the diversity occasionally makes us kill each other, usually over different religions or sub-religions. This is tragic and should never happen, but look at this way"
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    New member and this is my first post here in this forum.

    Hi ,,, everybody

    Indian is the nature land but really crowded people wasted its beauty

    in addition to the poor life they live...

    Nice subject heman

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    It looks like a very nice school for India, some of buildings really stand out. It must be a great place for those study there.
    I have been to India, the major cities and many villages, while its country is beautiful, I saw a lot of very sad things there as well..heaven it is not.
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    hypatia,,which all places have you been to in India...??
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    Thanks lunarmansion....i really like the way you feel for India....Well you can't compare China and India...these two countries are governed by two different kind of governments..

    By the way why would he like to live in India.....i have many friends on the similar hand who wish to go to America....
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    That reminds me of mail I received a couple of months ago about an article written by a French who has been living in India for three decades. You can read it http://in.rediff.com/news/2006/jun/22claude.htm" [Broken].
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    Thanks for the link, Heman. Haven't come across that one before.
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    i appreciate Neutrino...
    I myself too never came across such a beautifully wriiten article which touched me...
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    I hope more Indians start doing that. :frown: Extreme-aping of the West appears to be the order of the day in most urban areas.
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    From Bombay, Khajuraho and New Delhi to the Rat Villages, Vadapattanam.

    The Dhorati village was my favorit, the most wonderful people. The snow fall at Munsyari was just breath taking, but with in the week I was walking among the hungry in Pradesh and Bihar. Yours is a country of great contrasts.
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    I am sure you would have loved it....yeah people of villages are great...no one ever forgets them..:smile:
    hey you also went to my place...yeah but any one who goes to india ,goes to my place too because i live in New Delhi..:biggrin: So next time please meet me while you come to India...i will show you Delhi around ...

    yeah thats the actually the speciality ..i mean so much variation....i think you should read the link which i provided in my previous post..you will love it!
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    Those fotos remind me of Iran heman. :approve:
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    which fotos??
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    Your very first post.
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