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Heaviside? HELP

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    Heaviside????? HELP

    hey there peeps,

    could u guys help me out with heaviside step function..cu zi don't understand anything bout how it works and how to apply to a particular problem...

    could u guys explain in detail how to solve the next equations using heaviside:
    F(s)= --------
    | 0 for t<2
    f(t) <
    | t^2-2t+2 for t (greater or equal to ) 2

    ThnQ ...it means a lot to me :smile:
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    The heaviside function is most easily explained as a on-switch.

    [tex] h(u) = \left\{ \begin{array}{rcl}
    \ 0 & \mbox{for} & t < u\right \\ 1 & \mbox{for} & t \geqq u
    \end{array}\right [/tex]

    Thus if you multiply a function with the Heaviside function, the output are zero until the t = u, from that point, the function is similar to what it would look like without multiplying with Heaviside.

    I didn't understand your notation so didn't get the equation, was it laplace?
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    well Laplace transformations are used to solve differential equations...
    thnqs anyway,....mayb i can figure out woth u just said :confused:
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    I was kind of left somewhat puzzled what actually comes out of this notation ... could you clarify a bit ?
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