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Homework Help: Heaviside step function

  1. Jun 23, 2006 #1
    f(x) = <x-a>^1 - <x-2a>^1 - a<x-3a>^0

    this is a diagram of heaviside step function.does anybody has any website regarding this materials so that i can get to learn such as why is it power of one and power of zero plssss

    thanx very much
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    What does "< >" mean?? It's clearly not just like parentheses since in that case you don't have a Heaviside function.
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    Are you saying that by [itex]<x-a>[/itex] you mean a step function which switches on at [itex]x = a[/itex] (and stays so for [itex]x \geq a[/itex])?
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