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I watched this documentary a few weeks ago and want to recommend it. Film crews follow a heavy metal band located in Baghdad from 2002-2007. It's really less about the music and more about the personal experiences and struggles this band of young men go through. It really puts a human face on day to day struggles in Iraq during these years. Those with Netflix can stream on their computers.

Website with trailer on next page:


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Sad, when I read the title of the thread I thought it was about bombs :frown:.
Sad, when I read the title of the thread I thought it was about bombs :frown:.

Weird, I thought it was about cobalt and zinc.

Interesting trailer to say the least. I wish I had netflix to watch it!
I expected depleted uranium...
It looks interesting.

An online friend of mine who went into the military and was stationed in Iraq said that he wanted to bring punk music to Iraq and inspire the people to stand up for their rights.

I am unsure of the influence of heavy metal in the political scene. I think that some modern metal is more politically influenced than in my youth. When I was in highschool it had more of a countercultural message. The politics of metal seemed to be restricted mostly to war which I guess is perhaps more apropos to the subject of the documentary.

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