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Homework Help: Heavy Side Function

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    The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    While t<1 , f(t) =0
    While t>= 1, f(t) = t^2-2t+2
    Find the LaPlace transform of the given function.
    The attempt at a solution
    The problem can be re-written as: u1(t)(t^2-2t+2)

    If it helps, this in turn can be re-written as: u1(t)((t-1)^2+1). I'm not sure it does help though.

    As for how to proceed from here, I'm in a fog. I know the LaPlace transform for something of the form uc(t) y(t-c), but have no idea what to do with this problem because of the raised power.
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    Don't you have the formula for L(tn)?

    Or the formula for L(t*f(t)) in terms of L(f(t))?

    Oh, and the guy's name was Heaviside. He likely wasn't heavy on one side. :smile:
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