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Heavy Sparticles

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    I don't know what's the deal with heavy sparticles and why would they pose a problem in detection. The only problem i can see is limited range, but is there anything else?
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    The main problems with any hypothetical particle is finding them (if they are stable) or creating them (if they are not stable). The theory of supersymmetric particles (the heavy ones at least) is limited now becasue of the latter. For the neutralino (theoretically, the lightest),the reaction with ordinary matter is quite limited, so they are hard to detect.
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    Just a little precision : in fact the neutralinos are not the lightest sparticles in all models (it's the case in minimal supergravity model). For instance, in GMSB models (gauge mediated susy breaking), it's the gravitino who's the lightest susy particle.

    All the energy range should be accessible at LHC, but as mathman has just said, we need interactions and reaction products to "see " sparticles.
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