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Heavy Water

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    Hello everyone. I am trying to isolate heavy water from regular tap water. It turns out to be much more difficult than I expected. Anyone have some advice or a relatively inexpensive method of doing this?
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    I doubt such thing as a "small scale inexpensive method" exists.
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    Well, heavy water is about 11% denser than normal water, but its not as simple as siphoning off the bottom level of standing water.
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    atw (according to Wiki):

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    Problem is there is no meaningful amount heavy water in tap water. If the water had say 10% heavy water in it I bet there are loads of processes that would work but to extract meaningful amounts from normal tap water is not feasible.
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    According to that same Wiki article, normal water contains about one in 3200 molecules of heavy water. That's pretty meaningful.

    To get a millilitre of heavy water, you would need to process a mere 3.2 litres.
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