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Hedges' g For Paired T-test

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    Can Hedges' g (effect size) for a paired t-test be greater than 1 if the following is the formula for g?

    g = (mean_1 - mean_2)/(average standard deviation of the two variables)

    Thank you.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    You should define what you mean by "average standard deviation of the two variables". (And you shouldn't say ithe things involved are parameters of "the variables" if you actually mean the things involved are quantities calculated from a sample.)
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    If you have a data set comprised of test scores before studying (G1) and a data set comprised of test scores after studying (G2),

    formula would read as:

    g = (mean_G1 - mean_G2)/(mean of standard deviation_G1 and standard deviation_G2).

    Thank you.
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