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Height, does it really matter?

  1. Jul 23, 2011 #1
    Well what do you guys and girls think. Does height play any role in attractiveness, offer any advantages in dating especially if you're a guy? It seems like for girls, they have to worry about how big their breasts, and "bums" are and for guys it's about how tall they are.

    Some girls actually have height cut-off ex, they wont date a guy who's below 6' and plenty of times in movies good looking guys are these tall muscular dudes. Women seem to dislike the idea of a short guy or a guy being shorter than them.

    So does height really matter to you? Does it play any role in finding someone attractive? What do you think?
    For me personally, I'm not too height crazy in-terms of what I look for in a girl. I also wouldn't mind being taller than the girl either but personality triumphs all. Btw, would you consider 5'7 (1/2) and really close to 5'9 on shoes short for a guy?
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    personally I would like to date guys taller than me... its just me though and I think a lot of girls dont mind. I think its cos I'm kinda short, and I've kinda been conditioned to think this way. and a taller guy can easily kiss me on the head which is nice :)
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    Everyone talks like this. I've known plenty of guys who said things like, "she's gotta have the perfect behind," or "not one pound over 120." And a year or two later they're with women who are nowhere near those qualifications. When reality hits fantasy in the face, those unrealistic expectations roll straight into the gutter. I guess we are kinda set up to look for certain features, but the imperfections are the bread under the frosting.
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    Most girls say they want a tall guy. It seems therefore, that any guy considered tall should have it made. Unfortunately, I know several tall lonely guys who can't seem to get any points for it and who haven't had a girlfriend in years.

    I think the girls who say they want tall guys are mistaking the confidence that usually (but not always) accompanies above average height with the height itself.

    In my experience the most laid back, confident guy wins. More than anything else girls are attracted to relaxed, happy, imperturbable guys who know what they're about. I know three short guys here (around 5' 6") who always have a girlfriend as well as a veritable harem of interested girls hanging around waiting to be next. What they share is that they're upbeat, social people who always seem happy and comfortable in their own skins. They get along with a huge variety of people, and also have an air of competence about them.
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    I'm 5'5". Hubby is 6'2". I have always liked tall men, but I think it's because I'm not a dainty girl, and taller men make me feel more dainty.
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    My college hugger was 'way taller than me. Especially when I first got there, because I grew another 4" my freshman year. We looked like Dudley Moore and Susan Anton whenever we were together, and whenever we met between classes we'd hug and kiss.

    Height mattered a lot in HS. Not in college. Both of my long-term GFs were taller than me in college. When you are with a lady for a couple of years, and you start to get questions like "why is she with YOU?" you get the impression that some people consider height an important sorting factor.
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    Anecdotally, yes being short is a disadvantage for guys. As is being bald. And fat. And hairy. That's simply the way things are. It just means that you work with a smaller pool of girls who might find you attractive. Luckily, there are lots of girls out there.
  9. Aug 1, 2011 #8
    I tend to like girls who are a little shorter then me. I don't get why women wear high heels.
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    Actually, some girls prefer "hairy" guys. And some girls prefer "fat" guys. But as a rule, probably yes.
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    Next time you see one in heels, check out those legs. Yikes! Then you'll understand.

    I'm 5'11" with my Pumas on; 6' with sneakers. I prefer girls to be shorter than me. I have a protective personality, and I don't think I'd be able to properly express it with a girl that was taller than me.
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    Why not?
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    If I stepped in front of her to stop a bullet, I wouldn't even keep her head safe!

    Duh, obvious...
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    Interesting program on NPR on a guy that lost his legs while young and went on to a career in designing prosthetic limbs.


    If you listen to the program, he mentions how his legs have adjustable height so he can adapt them to whatever cliff face he's planning on climbing. And how for a prank in a class he was taking, he increased his height 1 inch each class to see how long before anyone noticed.

    That would be kind of interesting to do when dating someone you just met. Start out short and increase your height 1 inch each date. You'd literally grow in stature each date, leading her to think she must just be liking you more each date.

    Well, at least until you eventually became over 7 feet tall - she might start wondering what's going on by then.
  15. Aug 12, 2011 #14
    As a general rule, this would work. I find that this sort of behaviour is what attracts people, not just women.

    Also, it's especially how you "sell yourself" that matters. You don't have to be all of the above but you can sure as hell look like it! I'm not a very social person but I know how to talk to people. Sort of. I'm still working on it, but I can get by when I have to. :)

    Don't worry about your height. I'm 6"3 but the fact that I'm underweight means that my height doesn't do me any favours at all. So, what do you do when you're in that kind of situation? You play to your strengths.

    Confidence is something that'll come on its own, I think. The more you talk to people (whether male or female), the more you'll get used to their presence and the way that one specific crowd of persons "roll". Then, the easier it'll be for you to adapt to them.

    Another thing. Maybe some won't agree with this but I think that "what you want and what you feel" should be more important *to you* than "what *she* wants and what she feels". If she wants something, she'll let you know. Somehow! Worry about yourself first.
  16. Aug 12, 2011 #15
    Yes, everyone is attracted to this kind of personality. You're right.

    Also very true.

    Good point.
  17. Mar 14, 2012 #16
    And since we are on math forums, I would rather say it's absolute luck, regardless of your body type.

    Face and body style wins. What's the point if you are tallllll and overweight? or tall and average face looking? Tall !=> confidence or any thing other than a genetic trait. It's just a measurement that can be either horizontal or vertical.

  18. Apr 2, 2012 #17
    It's really stupid and shallow, but I really would rather date a guy who is taller than me than one who is shorter than me. If we're close in height or he's a little shorter, I can deal, though, it's not like I have some specific inch cutoff.
  19. Apr 4, 2012 #18
    I guess I'm a little shallow, haha. I never completely ruled women out if they were outside of my height parameters but they certainly got bonus points if they did fit my ideal range.

    For whatever reason, I've never really been attracted to short women ... just seemed strange if they only came up to mid-chest or something. Having to bend or look down to talk up close, bend over to kiss, not dancing face to face, height differences when intimate, etc... all seemed infinitely more difficult if the girl was tiny, although it's probably not that big of a deal in reality.

    I also thought it was weird if a woman was taller than me. I'm a pretty athletic guy, well muscled and a bit above average height, so yeah the whole concept of my mate being larger than me in any dimension was a big turn off. In my mind, having been a D1 wrestler, I just equated anybody bigger than me to be "mannish" in some primal way or whatever.

    I know it's not "true" height but I still felt more comfortable if I were taller when we were dressed up and in heels. So if she was in 3 inch heels, and me being 6'02" in dress shoes. I typically looked for women in the 5'06" to 5'10" range.

    Debra is 5'08" so everything worked out well. I'm quite certain she was looking for a man who was at least 6'00" since she too has remarked that it would be strange for her to be taller than me assuming she were in heels.
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  20. Apr 6, 2012 #19
    I think shorter guys are far more "dangerous" than tall guys , when it comes to attracting girls. I have seldom seen a tall "Don Juan". Also it is well known that big or tall girls/women are attracted to "small" men - maybe as a kind of "compensation". :redface:
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  21. Apr 6, 2012 #20
    Based on observation and experience...

    Men generally like women from 5"4' to 5"11'
    Women generally like men from 5"8' to 6"3'

    Keep in mind, if you are a woman who by western standards is "too tall", there are plenty of tall guys who won't be too insecure about themselves to date you.

    If you are a short guy, there are plenty of shorter women you can date without feeling insecure.
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