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I have a sum:
make a contour map from a height field h(x,y) = x^2 + y on the domain: [-3<_ x <_3 ; 0<_ y <_9]. Make an east-western cross section (paralell to x-axis) through the field h in the northern, middle and southern part of the domain and draw all three height profiles into a figure.
Well, the first part is not really a problem, but what would be the northern, middle and southern part of such cross section? I can only imagine a negative and positive value for y and zero for the middle?

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y can't be negative based on the domain you supplied. Therefore, the height is always non-negative. Making a cross section I would think means make a cross section at y = 9, another at y = 4.5, and another at y = 0. In other words, set z = x^2 + y, and draw the height (z) at y = 9, 4.5, and 0.
you're right, daveb, didn't think of the domain. But still that's more or less what I thought. Thanks a lot for confirming.

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