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Height of bullet

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    I can't figure out if I set this problem up correctly. Any help?

    The muzzle speed of a 22-caliber bullet fired from a rifle is 360 m/s. If there were no air resistance, how high would this bullet rise when fired straight up?

    v^2=intial v^2+2ay
    y=v^2-initial v^2/2a=(0-(360 m/s)^2)/2(-9.80 m/s^2)=6,612 m

    The maximum height reached is 6,612 m.
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    No, could you imagine a bullet being shot in the air and reaching a maximum heaight of 6.6 meters? lol:P

    First find the time it takes...360/9.8...then it should be relatively simple to figure out
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    No, 6km is correct. Youll find a general term for what you described above as:

    [tex]h = y(peak) = \frac{V(y)^2}{2g} [/tex]

    Where V(y) is the initial vertical component of the velocity
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