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Heim- Dröscher Theory

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    New Scientist and wikipedia has an article on the Heim- Dröscher Theory but I've not seen any discussion on its merit as
    1- a theory of quantum gravity
    2- a theory of quantum field theory and particle physics and standard model

    it appears to be a TOE, and gives estimations of particle masses

    here's the link

    Heim theory is a term used to describe a non-mainstream theory of gravitation and particle physics, proposed by Burkhard Heim[1] , [2] and further developed by Walter Dröscher and Jochem Häuser.[3] Neither most of their original work nor theories based on it have been peer reviewed. Heim attempted to resolve incompatibilities between quantum theory and general relativity. To meet that goal, he developed a mathematical approach (using the Selector calculus) based on quantizing spacetime itself, and proposed the "metron" as a (two-dimensional) quantum of (multidimensional) space.

    The mathematics behind Heim's theory requires extending spacetime with extra dimensions; various formulations by Heim and his successors involve 6, 8, or 12 dimensions. Within the quantum spacetime of Heim theory, elementary particles are represented as "hermetry forms" or multidimensional structures of space. In his lifetime, Heim attempted to use his method to calculate elementary particle masses directly from fundamental physical constants. Most of the resulting masses are in remarkable agreement with experiment; however, many of the particles whose masses he calculated (specifically the hadrons) are now known to be composite particles and not elementary after all. For Heim, this composite nature was an expression of internal, 6 dimensional structure. After his death, others have continued with his multi-dimensional "quantum hyperspace" framework. Most notable are the theoretical generalizations put forth by Walter Dröscher, who worked in collaboration with Heim at some length. Their combined theories are also known as "Heim-Droescher" theories [4].
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