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Heisenberg Formalism

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    Can anyone recommend any texts / online sources for learning QM in the Heisenberg formalism? I don't want some 'basics of' book - nitty gritty maths is what I'm after.
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    Tom Mattson

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    I've seen many texts on QM,but beside the VI-the chapter of L.Schiff's "Quantum Mechanics",McGraw-Hill,1947,i don't remember other source.


    P.S.You may wanna check the bibliography to the first chapter of S.Weinberg's "Quantum Theory of Fields",VOL 1,CUP,1995.
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    Thank you both, I'll follow those up. As a 'reference point', am I thinking what the Heisenberg Formalism is what it is - ie unitary evolution of the operators rather than the wavefunction (that, of course, being the Schrodinger formalism)?
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    "Heisenberg formalism" means just that:the original 1925 Heisenberg-Jordan-Born matrix mechanics.

    As for the Heisenberg picture,that's something else.The 3 equivalent pictures should be in any serious QM text:Gallindo & Pascual,for example.

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    Ah, symantics of the words formalism and picture... Thanks for the book ref.
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