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Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and String Theory

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    At which scale in length terms does the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle kick in for Stringtheory?

    In the string vibration for Gravitational interactions, as the scale is condensed, surely this would have a 'bigger' Uncertainty in strings that split off due to their proximity in scale?

    For instance we can see specks of dust, our Eyes gives a good account of the proximity of a dust molocule, if we scaled the dust molocule down by a factor of 100 say, and replace the eyes with a scaled down detector, then the detector/observer and the observed/atoms become more detached from knowing where things are in relation to the Heisenburg Uncertainty Relationship?

    Being that it is generally accepted for the reduction in scale, the the Energy increases, this is according to planck size scales.

    Surely a small enough string will have an infinite amount of energy, this energy vibration would have to leak into the surrounding space.

    I suppose one can ask is stringtheory immune from Uncertainty?
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