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Heisenberg Uncertainty

  1. Nov 10, 2008 #1
    Consider and electron in ground state in the Hydrogen atom. Suppose the Bohr orbit lies in the x-y plane. Assume that the position of the electron along the orbit is completely unknown.
    a)Estimate the uncretainties in x,px, y, py, z and pz.
    b)Repeat for and excited state n>1. With the given information, can you say anything about the unceratinty in time? Energy?

    I know how to solve for part a:
    [tex]\Delta[/tex]x=2a0, [tex]\Delta[/tex]px=h/(2a0), [tex]\Delta[/tex]y=a0, [tex]\Delta[/tex]py=h/(a0), [tex]\Delta[/tex]z=0 since in x-y plane, [tex]\Delta[/tex]px=[tex]\infty[/tex]
    but I'm a little stuck how to do part b.

    any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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