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Heisenberg's lost notes?

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    i was reading a Murray Gell Mann interview and he mentioned that Heisenberg became a crank in his later years.

    I've tried very hard but I cannot find what Heisenberg was working on. My motivation is, there may be some bits of genius among that pile of crackpottery.
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    I guess Gell-Mann is referring to Heisenberg's non-linear Dirac equation. From the fact that nobody talks about this nowadays anymore, you can reach your own conclusions ;-). You find a review by Heisenberg himself in

    W. Heisenberg, Rev. Mod. Phys. 29, 269 (1957)
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    Well, what's the key problem in his theory?

    Also, I'm currently broke, so I can't read the review.
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    Thanks for the reference!
    It looks however as if you call a number of people "nobody":

    "96 citing articles found:

    Nonlinear Spinor Fields and Its Role in Cosmology
    Bijan Saha
    International Journal of Theoretical Physics , (2012)

    Matter-gravity couplings and Lorentz violation
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    Four-fermion interaction from torsion as dark energy
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    General Relativity and Gravitation , (2011)

    Reproducing gravity through spinor fields
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    Constructing Dirac linear fermions in terms of non-linear Heisenberg spinors
    M. Novello
    EPL (Europhysics Letters) 80, 41001 (2007) "
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    I have read that H was working with Wolfgang Pauli on something ambitious in their later years. Pauli was quite excited about it. P went to the USA and presented the theory but could not answer the objections. P gave up on it and seems to have been quite embarrassed by the whole thing, as he prided himself on having "never believed in anything that was wrong." P gave up research after that.
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