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Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and 2 papers

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    I'm learning Modern Physics (intro to quantum mechanics+special relativity). I was looking for http://farside.ph.utexas.edu/teaching/qmech/lectures/node26.html, namely how to check out that for the optical microscope, the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle holds.
    But I found a paper of 1995 and then one of 2000 of the same guy that says that the Heisenberg's principle must be reviewed. In his later paper he gives a "correct formula". I'm very confused. He asserts some things, but I am not sure I'd trust blindly all what is written so I'd love your opinion.
    Paper of 95': http://aias.us/documents/otherPapers/aexperimentalrefutationofheisenberg.pdf.
    Paper of 2000, with the new formula [itex]\Delta x \Delta p_x =h \sqrt {1-\frac{\Delta x^2}{\Delta x_0 ^2}}[/itex] (it's not even an inequality): http://cfcul.fc.ul.pt/equipa/3_cfcul_elegiveis/croca/berkeley-paper.pdf
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