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Hekp with szabo book

  1. Jan 11, 2007 #1
    i need to solve 3 problem on the book modern quantum chemistry do szabo the problems are:

    -page 81 exercise 2.16
    -page 100 exercise 2.37
    -page 126 exercise 3.5

    anyone pls help me
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    Please show us your work. We can not help you unless we first see your effort. Refer to the forum guidelines linked in my signature.
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    i'm physics student until 18 years ago and i don't finish the course.
    this year i have some time and i decided to try finish.
    one of the disciplines is Complements of Atomic Physics.
    i understand the principles but the mathematical is very complicated for me.
    it just have passed very years.
    i just have three disciplines to finish the course.
    if you can help me with this i apreciate.

    sorry for bad english.

    thks in advance.
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    Incidentally some of the ppl here don't have the book, but perhaps might be willing to help you. So how about doing all of us a favor and post both the texts of the problems and your attempts to solving them.

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    Exercise 2.16 A different procedure for deriving the above matrix ele...
    ments uses the theorem that <K|H|L> = (N!)1/2<KHP|H|L> where |KHP >
    is the Hartree product corresponding to the determinant |K>, i.e.,
    |K> = |Xm(x 1 )Xn(X 2 ) . ยท . >


    |KHP> = Xm(x 1 )Xn(X 2 ) . . .
    Prove this theorem. Use it to derive the matrix elements of a sum of one-
    electron operators.

    anex with exercise in word format

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    You still need to show us some work. We are not going to do the problems for you.
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    as i said i'm with very difculty with mathematics because a don't study a long time ago 18 years. and i only read the book because i don't have so much time to do all that things.
    but that's ok i understand your point of view.
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