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Helical coil heat exchanger

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    really need help in designing a helical coil HE. i know i must first do an energy balance to find heat rate.but what next?to find the area needed and the number of turns etc
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    Helical flow heat exchangers with tubes are true counter-current exchangers and can be calculated the same as a shell and tube exchanger with one shell pass and one tube pass with the shell-side flow parallel with the tubes. Now, if you mean a spiral exchanger like this:

    http://www.tranter.com/Pages/products/spiral/description-benefits.aspx [Broken]

    it's usually easiest to contact the vendor.
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    Hey thanks for replying. But i was talking about a coil with one inlet one outlet..it will be placed on ice in an ice room, so exit water can be cold.

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    Do you mean in an ice and water bath (good heat transfer, easy to calculate) or just buried in ice with no water (not so much)?
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    The coil will just be on ice basically. Room temperature water flows through the coil. So basically a need to determine the amount a turns and so forth to get the water cold.
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    Okay, what's your water flow rate?
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